Damnit all…

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So I wake up this morning to find a post by Yabusaka pointing out that one Enrice Dudek has been selling copybotted, full-perm versions of his boots to the public as building kits. And I happen to be one of those people that bought them. Not only that, I was intent on using them in my free roleplay kits. So, I’m out around at least L$269. Furthermore, now I have to question the one other collar kit I bought from him and have used in the construction of my work. That could be over L$500 of funds wasted, because I sure as hell am not getting my money back because a. the guy won’t admit he copied them, with a bot or otherwise, and b. I bought them before Christmas, and my transaction records won’t go back that far on the SL website. Whether from my pocket or the donations I receive, that’s a fair chunk of change lost. Furthermore, it’s time and effort lost, putting me in a state of not wanting to create.

Happy Holidays!

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Yeah, yeah, I’m late on the ball, but I did make something:

.!CN!. Holly Monarch Robes

I’ve made two other robes, but they’re not intended for the public (one’s for a roleplay faction, and one was for all the roleplayers of that area). I’ve had a lot of fun putting these together and will probably steadily make more in the future. I know I keep saying I’ll update the drow kits, and they are on the to-do list; it’s just been more difficult than I expected, what with school and RL relationship stuff.

Anyways, you probably want to know how much the robes above cost, huh? They’re L$1 and will probably be out until around New Years. They can be found in a giant box at my shoppe.

Virtual Storefronts Online

•November 30, 2009 • 2 Comments

Almost all of my products are available now on Apez.biz. I am also working on setting-up on Metaverse and will be exploring other options that were kindly posted by Allegory Malaprop on her personal blog.

I would really like to put out new stuff for the holidays, but I also have a lot of stuff to do in RL. I am making my Christmas presents for my family and close friends, and that comes before SL.

Move from XstreetSL to Apez

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.!CN!. Splat

With the announcement of Linden Labs raping vendors charging new fees as a method to manage freebies (and hitting everyone up with a monthly listing fee), I am being forced to move my products to another service. Apparently, my “clutter” – as they’re directly using for unsold items and indirectly for anything not expensive – is being an eyesore to the poor, poor users who do not know how to use a rudamentary search engine.

1. There’s an ‘advanced’ option with the XstreetSL marketplace where you can set your price range to search, thereby effectively eliminating anything at the free, dollarbie, or so forth mark.

2. When the residents asked for a better search system, they were hoping that LL would actually look at coding and the mechanics, not removing listings.

3. Colossus Linden kept asserting in the XStreetSL forum thread that people could still offer their “generosity” in world. She seems to completely disregard the fact that if you a. need land to put out products, b. a premium account to own even a 512 plot, and c. if you want to be seen in the in-world search, you have to pay a fee. The only other option is to rent, which costs money. The startingentrepreneur is kicked down even before they have any stable footing.

4. My freebies are NOT, N-O-T, NOT MARKETING TOOLS! They are intended to help new players get into character for roleplay!

Anyways, I will let you know when the Apez (and any other) sites are up and running. Until then, I can be found in world.

CN is Open!

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V for Voice

All of the big stuff is out in the shop, freshly rebranded and available for pick up! The main shop can be found on the mainland of Mooter (111, 159, 700).

A special freebie is available, as well: two skins inspired by V for Vendetta will be available for a limited time to educate people about the Artist’s Voice protest of content theft. Furthermore, starting November 5th, for 48 hours only these skins will be available to pick-up. You can find out more information here on the AV website.

FlickR Group Created, Old Ads Redone

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Incorrigible - Akarea Silverfall

I created a FlickR group for those with an account and have my work in their images just a few minutes ago, and this morning I completed redoing and uploading the older products’ display images. Now I just have to rename all the products and put them into the images; from there, the shop can be publicly opened and then I’m just stuck with redoing all of the XstreetSL ads.

I suppose I need to also figure out how to set-up feed connections. It’s just, you know, a major way to communicate with a large portion of the SL community. 😛

Rebranding Stage

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As of right now, I am changing everything that I have created to the name .!Chaotic Neutra !. (.!CN!., CN). This includes everything that has been under the name(s) Realms of Aledar (RoA), ][ Crux ][ (Crux), and «Dynamic Recluse» («DR», DR), and will involve renaming inventory, relabeling product listings, and redoing vendor images.

Therefore, my ability to make anything new will be limited and probably not possible. I am aiming to get an in-world storefront available by November 5th of this year.

So, umm, wish me luck. 😛